How to DJ Your Own Wedding

A step-by-step guide to DJ’ing your own wedding, packing out your dance floor, and wowing your friends and family… with no experience!

“Our reception went so smooth!! We used all the techniques you taught us, and everyone was up dancing- even my grandmother!”Jake Gomes



Save Hundreds of Dollars (and A Lot of Stress) with “DJ Your Own Wedding”

Learn how to DJ your own wedding with this book-and-video combo, written by a professional wedding DJ. You’ll read all about the ins-and-outs of DJ’ing your wedding. You’ll learn:


The Art of Putting Together a Great Playlist

Go into your Big Day with complete confidence that you’ll be playing music EVERYONE will love by learning the secrets of putting together an awesome playlist that will get everyone dancing

Renting the Sound System

Enjoy a super-engaged, super-packed dance floor and learn how to use a sound system like the pros: where to rent it, how to set it up, and how to make it sound awesome

The Secret "CPR" Songs

No more worries about friends sitting on the sidelines, chin-in-hand, complaining about the music. You’ll learn about “CPR songs”- my top songs that will revive any dance floor!

Save $700-1,100

If you’re trying to save a little money (or spend more on catering or the photographer), this book will get you awesome results for DJ’ing your own wedding

Take a look at what you’ll learn in the eBook in this video

Here’s clip from the video “How to Set Up Your Playlists”

Hear from some brides and grooms like you who learned how to DJ their own wedding

Amy Sioux

““I could not BELIEVE how much content was in the book and course!! I feel super confident going into our wedding day after going through it.”


Jenna Davis

“After going through How to DJ Your Own Wedding, our reception went AMAZINGLY! I was so worried that our guests wouldn’t dance, but Brandon’s course prepared us for everything!”


Jake Gomes

“Brandon. THANK YOU. Ah-mazing stuff here, man. Our reception went so smooth!! We used all the techniques you taught us, and everyone was up dancing- even my grandma haha.”


Take a look at what “How to DJ Your Own Wedding” covers

10 chapters, 90+ pages, with over 40 detailed graphics, and tons of free bonus content.

Chapter 1: "How Good Can You Be?"
  • The difference between hiring a professional DJ vs. DIY
  • How a wedding DJ works
  • How much do you save by DJ’ing your own wedding?
  • Different pricing structures for professional DJs
  • How much can you save by DJ’ing your own wedding?
Chapter 2: "The Tools You'll Need"
  • What software you’ll need (and how to get it for dirt cheap)
  • The exact software that I use for all my weddings
  • The hardware you’ll need (laptop, speakers, music player, etc)
  • What extras you might want to have handy in case something breaks
  • What questions/information you’ll need to know about the venue before you arrive
Chapter 3: "Putting Together a Great Playlist"
  • The art of putting together a great playlist, as well as my process for putting one together to keep people dancing
  • Which songs to play at what part of the night
  • My “CPR Songs”- the 9 songs I play when the dance floor is dying
  • When to play the fast songs, and when to play the slow ones
  • How long you should play each song
  • What order to play the songs
Chapter 4: "Renting a Sound System"
  • What to get and where to get it (for cheap)
  • How big a sound system you REALLY need (hint: it’s not as much as you’d think)
  • What you HAVE to have… and what you can get by without
Chapter 5: "The Typical Flow of a Wedding"
  • The 3 main parts of a wedding, and how to build a playlist for each one
  • The 9 main parts of a typical reception, and how to plan your music around them
Chapter 6: "The Art/Science of Being a Great MC"
  • How to pick out your MC from your friend group
  • The role of an MC during the reception/dancing
  • What they should say
  • Which announcements they’ll need to make
Chapter 7: "Your Night-Before Checklist"
  • What you need to double-check before your wedding day
  • Which cables you need backups of
  • How to get all your music on your hard drive without buying it all
Chapter 8: "Setting Up Your Sound System"
  • Where to set up in your venue
  • How to hook it all up (you don’t need to be a tech person to do it)
  • How loud you should play the music
  • How to use a mixer in the most efficient way
  • What to do if the weather’s bad
  • What to do if the music’s too quiet
Chapter 9: "During the Wedding"
  • How to structure the bridal party introductions
  • How to organize your special dances
  • How to organize your toasts
  • How to stay on schedule
  • What to do if no one’s dancing
  • The art of transitioning songs (and prevent having any silence during the set)
Chapter 10: "Breaking Down the Sound System and Other Successes"
  • What you need to double-check before your wedding day
  • Which cables you need backups of
  • How to get all your music on your hard drive without buying it all

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About the Author of “How to DJ Your Own Wedding”


Brandon Stiles

Brandon Stiles


I’m Brandon Stiles, and I’ve been a professional wedding and corporate DJ for over half a decade.

I wrote and produced the course “How to DJ Your Own Wedding” in order to help couples like you save money, stress, and the guesswork of DJ’ing your wedding.

100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely happy

If you finish the eBook and course and don’t feel 100% confident in DJ’ing your wedding, simply send us an email and we’ll give you every single penny back, no questions asked!